Null Bit Me

An anonymous null bit wanders… wanting to infect.

Growing on me…

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I like being anonymous. And I like the name “Null Bit” that I gave to myself.

Did I think it up myself? No. I found it as someone’s username in some forum I was browsing today. However that does not stop me from justifying the name to represent who I really am. Why does it have to be so? A name is a name. Period. It’s just an identifier. It does not have to mean anything. It should just be rememberable. In that way, it is just like a URL. In fact it is part of my URL 🙂

Null: Why do I think it is me? Because I think I am empty. A void. There is too much turmoil in me to have any substance. I expect this blog to have nothing in terms of substance. I intend to empty my random thoughts in this pensieve; thereafter becoming null again.

Bit: Who is not a bit on Earth? According to projections, I am but 1 bit of 6,472,132,368 (and growing) people!


Written by Null Bit

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 1:41 pm

Posted in Muses

3 Responses

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