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Do the poor live a static life?

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I’m sometimes think about my next promotion, my next hike, my next big buy, my next achievement, my next trip… in short how to improve my lifestyle, how to enjoy my life…

And I just wondered… what do the poor people do? Do they get any time apart from worrying from where their next meal will come? Do they accept that their life is static and will not undergo any appreciable change? So a rickshawwala starts riding a rickshaw at the age of 15, say… and he does this his entire life… till he is 60, 70…? A small grocery store opens. The guy sees the same people everyday. And then he seens their kids grow up and come to his shop. And then their kids. But he remains in his grocery shop.

I have heard about beggers making it rich. Small grocery store owners who own multiple buildings… I don’t know if they are true… but I’m sure that is not the norm.

If this is how it is, what is the purpose of living? I would perhaps go crazy if I knew for sure that my life would not change ever. Maybe it won’t. But I still can afford those trips, those gifts, those gadgets once in a while to keep my life interesting. Money is what keeps my life interesting. If you did not have money to spend, how easy would it be to do that?

Perhaps that is why people had festivals. Festivals would be a great way to keep life interesting at not a big cost. But I don’t need them. I’m rich enough to buy my own happiness. I don’t need anyone….

I’d need people if I was poor. When I am rich, I won’t need anyone. Right now, I am in between.

P.S. This did not turn out how it was meant to be! I started out with something, and it turned into something totally different 🙂 Ah, well… I am definetely not a “blogger”. I am more of a diaryist i guess.


Written by Null Bit

Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 11:34 am

Posted in Muses

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