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Forty Faces stare back at you…

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Got the link for Forty Faces from Scoble in his non-GYM mode 🙂

It is a cool idea, and yes I agree with him that it won’t scale at all. But lets have the pics of the “Top Posts” instead of the “Latest Posts”, just like it shows me on my dashboard. That will be ok. But we’ll always have Scoble‘s pic there 😀

One thing I noticed is that most bloggers post multiple posts almost at the same time. This is so evident when there are multiple pics of the same person all together at Forty Faces. It seems to happen to me too. When there is no juice, there is nothing. But once you get going, you just keep going. You seem to fuel yourself as you go, just like a car battery 🙂


Written by Null Bit

Monday, November 14, 2005 at 9:41 pm

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