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Laszlomail reviewed

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But I wish “laszlomail” was easier to pronounce šŸ™‚ I will never be able to give it out to anyone easily, unless of course Laszlomail makes it big and are very popular.

But otherwise, it is fast on my office LAN connection. Much faster than Yahoo! Mail, and about as fast as GMail. The interface looks good. Though I wish I could skin my page. And the “Demo” word alongside “Laszlo mail” looks worrysome šŸ˜¦ Most people won’t like it I guess, it being Flash-based, which could be a problem on slower connections. Me, I usually block all Flash objects during browsing, so I know.

You get only 10MB disk space. It is actually a lot for me since I’m more into IM/Skype as compared to email.

One good thing about new services is that there is a chance that you will get a username that you want. (I got what I wanted :-D) After that you have to pray that they make it big! By the way, has anyone recently got his desired username on Yahoo!?

Coming to think about it, I wish there was a way or protocol to inform everyone about my email address change. Just like when your telephone number changes, a central authority tells you what the new number is. So when I delete my email address, I register at some online site and put up the information of my old and new email addresses. So when mails to my old account bounce back, the email client automatically looks up my new email address from the server and resends the mail at my new address. The sender could also be sent a automatic mail informing about the email address change. And then he/she could update their records. Hmm… nice idea. Now I wonder what are the holes in it…

BTW, I got the link from Scoble, whom I’ve finally started reading more or less regularly. I usually hate reading people who write too much because I can’t keep up but maybe him commenting on this blog helped šŸ˜›

Written by Null Bit

Monday, November 14, 2005 at 8:22 am

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  1. […] Many of you have been sending in loads of great feedback on Laszlo Mail. Along with the many compliments, feature requests and the odd bug, which we greatly appreciate, we have been consistently asked to increase the mailbox limit ā€“ well we listened. You now have mailbox capacity of 250MB instead of 10MB. Enjoy! […]

  2. Not that it has anything do to with LM, but to your e-mail address changing, why not use a proxy e-mail address forwarder that you keep forever. When your e-mail changes, you change where the forwarder goes to, but the address you hand out to everyone stays constant.

    If you went to university, the alumni sections of most usually provide this service free of charge.


    Friday, March 30, 2007 at 12:07 am

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