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More problems with these Web 2.0 sites :-)

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It wasn’t me.

It wasn’t just me.

Other people seem to have the same problem too. People who are stuck to the WWW all day, having problems deciphering what some particular service is all about.

It happened to me again today. Sometime back I must have registered to be a beta tester for (must have, because I don’t remember). Well, I just happened to be one of the lucky guys to get an invite to be a beta tester today. So me, feeling very proud and lucky, log in to the site.

Well, and then nothing. Their Terms & Conditions said, I’m not supposed to talk about their service until they launch formally. Well I won’t. Because i can’t anyways. I read their Help section. I explored. And then gave up. There’s only so much time I’ll waste exploring a new service.


Written by Null Bit

Friday, November 18, 2005 at 9:34 am

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