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I am not sure why I should go subscribe to this service that I discovered yesterday. It seems to be able to send me IM’s as soon as something happens i.e. something changes in my RSS feeds. Now I thought I already had it… I subscribe to Google Alerts, which are quite fast. And I seriously wonder how would claim to be faster. And then as soon as Google emails me, I get to know through my GMail notifier/GTalk icon in the system tray! Also, the email stays there even if I don’t get time to read it then.

Again, if we’re talking about blogs in general, I don’t suppose how it is better in any way than my favourite blog reader, Bloglines. I get to read all updates when I want to. Plus, I can mark them unread, and clip them etc. etc.
In the battle of the push (eg. email) and the pull (eg. feeds), I think “pull” has won conclusively. So why are we going back to “push” (and in this case an extreme version of “push” since you don’t get the alert if your messenger is not on) again?
On top of that, I tried using the service with a couple of blogs and the TechCrunch site that offer feeds. And the service failed. So I’ve not managed to investigate it thoroughly, but I don’t expect any exciting surprizes when I get around to trying it again.


Written by Null Bit

Thursday, November 24, 2005 at 8:30 am

Posted in Reviews, Webservices

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