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Just subscribed to NewsGator

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Why? I must be crazy. I happen to be perfectly happy with Bloglines. Other services have come and gone… Pluck, Rojo, Google Reader… but nothing convinced me to move away from Bloglines. Bloglines is simple and does the job. No hunting too much for ways to add feeds etc. Or maybe I’ve gotten so used to it… I find it difficult to move to anything else.

But I still went ahead and created a login for NewsGator. Even though I have known about its existence for a long long time. It never caught my fancy until now. And it was all because of Scoble. The guy is impressive. And he mentioned in a post that he uses NewsGator. Well… I just had to now try it out to see what the big deal was. If Scoble uses something, maybe there is something to it 😛

Well, I tried out the Free Web edition. For sometime. Still not good enough to sweep me off my feet and away from my dear Bloglines 🙂

But I wonder is how many people did subscribe to NewsGator today after Scoble’s post… 🙂 I wish I had insider data. Did they experience a sudden spurt in new logins? Because I can’t be the only one who wanted to try what Scoble uses 🙂


Written by Null Bit

Thursday, December 1, 2005 at 5:52 pm

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