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Workaholiks steal

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I write crap.

I post crap.

But experience has led me to believe that almost everything has a market.

And so if my crap gets “reproduced”, I’d like to be recognized for it.
So what would I do if someone “reproduced” something I wrote without linking to me? I’d be hurt and I’d post about it. I might not be able to do much. I might have the time and energy to follow it up, but I’d definetely want more people to be aware of this sort of thing.

Just read this on Kiruba’s blog. And I thought I’d help Suyog’s cause.

Workaholiks, an ad firm in Bangalore, India, used a picture from Suyog’s blog and are being a pain in the ass by refusing to recognize this fact.

Here is Suyog’s initial post about this. And here is his reply to a Workaholiks mail. It’s still not over.


Written by Null Bit

Friday, December 9, 2005 at 10:01 am

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  1. […] A thought just struck me. If you look at my previous post, Workaholiks picked up an image that they got using Google Images without giving any recognition to the owner. Now that the people are pissed off, they’ll all write about Workaholiks giving it negative publicity. So when people search for ad agencies in Banglore or Workaholiks on Google, people will find out what they are! That’s not going to get them any business, is it? Google gave. And Google will take away.   […]

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