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Found a problem with Performancing for Firefox

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After being gaga over Performancing for Firefox when it was working flawlessly, something stopped working. And I could not use it anymore and had to move over to Zoundry 😦
What happened was that on clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of my Firefox status bar, the lower pane for blogging would open, but the Categories list would not appear. The Categories tab kept saying “Loading categories…”. I tried publishing without setting the category, but even that would not work 😦 I tried the same thing at home which is a different machine on a different network, but had the same problem. So the problem was most probably not with Performancing, but maybe with the site or something that I was doing wrong at both places.
Just now, I finally got it working! 🙂 The problem wasn’t in So… yep. It was me doing something specific at both the browsers so that it wouldn’t work. I use the Master Password feature in Firefox. And I think it stored the username& password that I configured Performancing with. The next time I opened the browser, I dismissed the master password prompt box. After all I wasn’t doing anything and hadn’t even started to blog! So why should I enter a password to open a blog editor? And so the categories list never was populated. And I could not publish 🙂
As far as I recall, why I did not submit my master password was because switching on Performancing prompted me to submit my master password 4 times!! I got suspicious and then dismissed it. I’ve checked it again now. I open a new session of the browser, start Performancing, and I am prompted for my master password 4 times 😦 This is not good…

[UPDATE: The problem has already been discussed at]


Written by Null Bit

Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 8:05 pm

Posted in Info, Rants, Webservices

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