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Period to the Period

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I had no idea you could control it. Neither did I know that there was a big demand for this sort of thing.
Hmmm…. I wonder how many women in India would opt for Anya? I’m wondering not because I think women in India don’t have similar problems or don’t experience pain. It’s more about society… and how many would accept some sort of thing. In a country where NGO’s go around distributing free condoms and teaching people how to use them that is.
Also, I’ll admit I am finding it a little scary imagining all sorts of terrible long-term side-effects. But then I don’t have to undergo the “curse”. It’s easy for me to say.


Written by Null Bit

Friday, December 23, 2005 at 3:15 pm

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  1. Null Bit,

    Being a woman, I can say with some authority that periods can be miserable. We go through PMS, cramping, and lovely mood swings once a month. That being said, I would never do anything to suppress my cycle. I firmly believe that Mother Nature/evolution knows a great deal more about what is best for women than some pharmaceutical company out for a profit. Unfortunately, a lot of women have bought into this myth that our natural cycles are a “curse” rather than a function necessary to our well-being.


    Wild Child

    Saturday, December 24, 2005 at 2:29 am

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