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Riya o Riya, what have you done!

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After having played with Riya for about 4-5 hours, one thing stands out like mad. I just have to … have to keep my pictures private. I cannot keep them public. It is unsafe. And all my friends who appear on my pics did not like being made famous by me 😦 After I “trained” Riya to recognize a few faces, anyone could just type my friend’s name in the search box and find his pictures. Privacy goes to super hell!! So I’ve had to go to each pic and mark the ones with my friends as private … oh so painful 😦

Technology wise it’s awesome. But it’s a thousand times worse than Google. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words? Google’s amazing search capabilities destroys my anonymity on the web unless I am paranoid and extremely careful with my name. Riya can do much worse. Imagine a college friend uploading pics of mine in college… me with the beer bottles and the vodka… me in my underwear … me kissing a girl (ok.. that never happened.. but it could have :-D). That is ok. I couldn’t care about people who don’t know me seeing those pics. Now imagine me trying to get married. Prospective father-in-laws/wife’s googling for me or “riyaing” for me!!! Yikes… there goes my chances …

Apart from that, I hate the fact that they won’t let browsers other than IE6 and Firefox. I know it is in beta… but i prefer showing a warning instead of blocking out other browsers altogether. You know… some functionality might just work, such as search the public photos.. and maybe that is all I want to do.
Riya has a long way to go, even though the technology is amazing… and they really need to tighten up privacy and make it more usable. Ugh.. I’d hate to have to browse each pic to mark them private. And if there was a simpler way, they should have highlighted it someplace very prominent. Privacy is going to be crucial for this webservice to be successful.

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Written by Null Bit

Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 4:41 pm

Posted in Reviews, Webservices

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