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What’s the big deal about Sonia resigning? Does anything change? She’s still going to be the most revered leader of the Congress Party. She’s still going to be calling the shots; she’s just moved to the backseat for sometime.
Actually I admire her. What she did was perfect. All the other netas are buffoons who can’t think. She stays away from the rotting and decaying politicians and uses her brains. She definetely did the right thing. She accepted that she was wrong before anyone else. She became a darling of the masses. Now she’ll have an appropriate Bill passed in Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, she’ll win the Rae Bareilly seat again obviuosly. And then she can be MP as well as whatever other post she wants to assume (since the Bill would have been passed by then)!!
Brilliant. Cunning. But then that is perfectly ok. She is after all a politician.
Meanwhile the Left and the BJP will act like school kids who have no long-term vision, who cannot see beyond their kursi and will forever be scared to take that crucial step back when need be to win in the long-term.
I never can or could decide between political parties. But it is easier to form opinions of individual leaders. Sonia Gandhi is cool.

By the way, an extremely interestingand funny blog post by Suhasini Haidar that prompted this post. Read her other posts too. She’s good 🙂


Written by Null Bit

Friday, March 24, 2006 at 3:52 pm

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