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Dealing with the system – my version

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Here's an excellent description by Sushubh about how things work in India. I don't and perhaps won't have a similar tale to tell ever. Not because I don't go through this, but that these things make me so mad, it's difficult to write a coherent post then.

Sushubh highlighted his experiences with the electricity distribution system. You should expect the same with almost any other government organization in India. I do my best to keep things simple (like keeping a recurring reminder in Outlook and cellphone reminding me to pay various bills) and make sure that I avoid having to deal with these people ever. But then that is why I don't have a ration card or a voter identity card and I won't get the address of my passport changed. It's just too much work. And because of all this, I never have sufficient address proof to do anything. Like open a PPF account in a SBI branch! Shit, I wanted to give them money and they wouldn't take it. They required 3-4 documents. (Luckily I had the house lease document in my name… roomies who have stayed with me in the past have always suffered because they did not even have that.) So when I took those documents, the guy refused to look at them because it had just turned 12:00 noon and it was time to close! I went back another day, and the guy wants me to get the lease document notarized. So I ask friends where to get this thing done. So I spend another day to get the lease document notarized which is nothing but some bloody government official signing it. When I take this back to the guy at the bank, he refuses to accept it because the notarization is not on the original lease document! Now, I have a company lease. The original lease document stays with the landlord. Even my company has a copy. I have a copy. Why am I supposed to have the original lease document. I am just a tenant!! And this guy never told me this when he had rejected the application the first time when the lease was not notarized!!

So, the first question is, why is everything so bloody complicated?

And the second is, if they are and have to be, why isn't everything documented properly someplace?

Every organization does clerical work mostly. If it is clerical and repetitive, it can be automated. If it can be automated, it must follow a certian set of rules with a certain set of preconditions. It's just like a state diagram. This guy at the bank must have refused umpteen applications because of these rules. But he won't be proactive to put up a notice with all the essential details. Neither will he give proper feedback to his superiors about how to improve the system.

His ability to age and not die is the only criteria for his promotions at work.

Bloody asshole. I never got that PPF account done. I'll maybe give it a try next year at some other bank. But I won't be surprised if it doesn't work out again.

Ok, that was my latest tiff with the system. Man, am I glad I got that out 🙂

Didn't I start off by saying that I'll never be able to write about my tiffs with the system?? 😛 Well, I guess I can after some time has passed…. this happened about two months back.

Now that I am at it, I think the thing that I have dreaded the most and have suffered the most is dealing with the administration of the educational system. I guess most readers of blogs are adults and must have forgotten whatever they've had to endure. Well, maybe you've not seen the last of those employees in the college office or the university office….

I'll start of with this question: Imagine that you have lost your marksheets. Yep, you are stupid. But you know what? They got stolen. Or maybe there was a fire at your house. Or you lost them while travelling. And you expect to qualify at some prestigious MBA institute next month. Or you've got a great job offer and they want to verify your credentials. Or you're applying for studies abroad. What will you do? …. Oh, to add to the problem, lets say you don't live in that city. Or that you gave your Class 10 from the Maharashtra state board and your Class 12 from CBSE and you currently stay in Bangalore. And you've lost both your marksheets….. shit. I am terrified of that ever happening to me.

My graduation involved two university exams – the first one was in the second year and the second was in the final year. The university misspelled my name in the admit card for the first exam. I had to run everywhere to get that corrected, being redirected from one desk to another and most of the times empty desks. They misspelled it again in my marksheet for the first exam. I got that corrected. And they misspelled it again in the final marksheet — the same incorrect spelling every time, and they wouldn't update their records. And to top it all, when I was getting the corrected final marksheet the guy had the gall to tell me that that I spell my name incorrectly, and that it should be spelt the way they had spelt it!!! Fuck You… I really wish I could.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that it is my fault that I did not stay within a square kilometre all my life. It's my fault that I dared to study in multiple places. It's my fault that I went to work at another place. It's my fault that my parents did not name me Amit or something that perhaps cannot be distorted or misspelt. And it's my fault that I cannot buy houses everyplace I stay to have an address proof ready. It's my bloody fault to want to invest my money in SBI. Bah!

Ooh… I feel a lot better already 🙂 Hey.. you're still here?!! Wow 🙄


Written by Null Bit

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 12:42 pm

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  1. I can only laugh but i am not sure i am laughing at you or myself :)….What you have faced is just the tip of the Iceberg but thank god for yourself that atleast you stay in that country..Imagine working out these errands while you are away from the country itself….worst is they need the f*&**&* address proof all the time….there is still a lot of babu(read as paper work )work…


    Wednesday, May 3, 2006 at 11:36 pm

  2. Me also facing problem like these. I want to buy a car but I don’t have address proof…. I am on rented house so I have tried all the government banks for opening a savings account but I failed… . they all want address proof. So what we have to do for address proof…..:( . I have asked this question from SBI employee that ppl like us who don’t have their own house can’t they open saving account in SBI?… that person don’t have any answer


    Saturday, September 8, 2007 at 4:46 pm

  3. Dear friend,

    i am also fedup with the system. But i am tired of explaining the faults of administrative system of India. I hv spent few years in US & I feel that is the real place where you can say that its the place to leave for human being. There you dont have ti fight with anybody for such small works, you get these tings done in few Minutes, But here in India it is like a hell, so i can only say one thing to god that:
    Sir, its better you f**k us for any mistake in past birth, but please give us next birth in Europe or US.


    Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 4:17 pm

  4. Wonderful information=D will definitely come back again=)


    Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 9:19 pm

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