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Guys, we’re screwed

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Right… We're screwed. By "we" I mean the us men in India. Look at this post on boingboing (via Twilight Fairy). Just think what the rest of the world thinks about us 😦

"their tits are grabbed and pinched by any man who wants to, and more"

The Blank Noise Project was very… enlightening. Because I had no idea. The worst I had seen was someone on a cycle/rickshaw/bike singing some shit Hindi movie song while he passed by a girl. Not nice I am sure but I think forgettable. But once you read some posts from their March 7, 2006 blog-a-thon, you realize that there is a big problem. And that I've been blind to it!

And thankfully I've not been a culprit 🙂

But truthfully, I think that has a little more to do with me having been a chicken than me actually understanding what a girl went through.

The blog-a-thon posts are a revealation. I hope more people read these… and it's time we managed to control our … urges 🙂


Written by Null Bit

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 7:13 pm

Posted in Current Affairs, Muses

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