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How do we reach these figures?

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I won't go into whether reservations are good or bad. I am sure most sensible people would say it is bad. Bhut what I want to know is who decides these percentages? The 22% or so for SC/ST. Or the 33% for women in Parliament. Actually, it's not the who that piques my interest but the "how". How do they justify these figures? I was amazed that no one seemed to complain against the 33% Bill for women! As far as I understand, women are equal to men in most things (most and not all because men can't bear children etc. etc.), including their strength in the population (approx.). So how did we ever reach this figure of 33%? This is insulting to women. Either give 50% or not have any reservations at all!

In fact I am wondering, if we ever reach the day when women constitute most of the Parliament on merit, (and I won't be surprised if that happens) will they pass a Bill saying that 33% should be at least men?

Are we saying the population of India has only 22% SC/ST's?

How — how did we reach these figures?

And how come these figures don't seem to have a time limit when it's come up for review. I don't think our laws have a self-destruct mechanism. They should. Each and every law should have a time limit after which they cease to apply, unless some government organization reviews and reestablishes it before it's "expiry" date is over.

Hmmm… a nice theory on paper perhaps. But what's stopping this organization to just reapply the same law without bothering to review. And what's stopping them from modifying the laws to suit their own needs? …. a pretty hopeless situation indeed 😦


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Saturday, April 8, 2006 at 9:30 am

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  1. A nice point. Government should justify or give some logical reason how does they calculate the reservation percentage.


    Thursday, April 13, 2006 at 2:19 pm

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