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The girl that took my breath away

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Last night I glimpsed a girl… a super beautiful girl while walking past a restaurant. She was standing at a table near the window talking to her friends, her mobile in her hand.

I'm not going to describe her any further… I will assume that beautiful is a word that everyone – even kids understand 😛
Today, I went to the same restaurant to have breakfast. And as I passed across that same table, the girl came back to mind.  And I began wondering what kind of a life must it be to be absolutely and crazily beautiful. Once in a while there is someone like that in class or at work… someone who takes away almost everyone's breath.

I would have loved to stare at her… but then that is rude so I didn't 😦 But I am sure she gets lots of looks every place she goes. And I realised that I would have hated it if I was in her place. And I wondered did she feel the same? And if she did, how did she cope? I guess it would be a heady feeling at first… but after an extended period of time… dunno.

I don't suppose girls stare at guys…. so I guess I can keep wishing I was super handsome without any worries if I did get my wish 😛


Written by Null Bit

Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 11:19 am

Posted in Muses

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  1. Hi

    lol, nice post. Yes some guys stare very badly. You know what, I tell you some guys who just want to stare as in the appreciation of the beauty then gals dont mind that as long as you are not staring continously.

    Lovely post.



    Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 12:45 pm

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