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How WinZip made money

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I always wondered how much money did utility softwares make. Such as WinZip. I've never paid for it.. first it was that I had no idea how to pay in dollars. And then it was just too much after converting it to rupees. And we're Indians. We live with too many nags to be bothered about a nag screen 🙂

This guy shows how WinZip actually made money

I paid for my copy of WinZip back in the day. I know others who did as well. But individual users are the exception. The real revenue stream for a product like WinZip these days is from corporations, which dare not have dodgy unlicensed evaluation software on their users machines. So because they know that some of their users will try to sneak WinZip in, they buy site licenses that cover the cost for every seat in the organization. It’s cheap insurance against lawsuits.

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Saturday, May 6, 2006 at 12:04 pm

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