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Unseen barriers

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Girls/womens college. An all girls school. An all boys school. Boys/Mens college (Do these exist ?)… Anyway, what I was wondering was, how many of these had faculty from the opposite sex? I just came to know of a womens college who have a post vacant in a particular department. So they advertised in the newspaper for applications. Of all the candidates shortlisted, there was a guy in the list too. After some discussion among the (oldie) teachers, they chose to throw him out of the list (even though he seems to be the most qualified on paper!). The guy will never get to know that he never made it to the interview list for all the wrong reasons!

I believe this could be happening in other places also. What I am trying to figure out is whether this is correct. It is unethical.. at least that is what I think. What I am wondering is what was going on in the minds of these teachers that made them shortlist only the women. What are their objections? Have they faced any issues previously? Why is it that we have to face so much discrimination in life on the basis of sex, caste, even whether we are in the general/reserved quota, age etc. etc.

We’ve come to expect discrimination, because it is too tiring to fight. Especially when the fight is usually alone. We keep putting up barriers amongst us. And then we complain about the degradation of society. We complain that we don’t know anyone in the neighbourhood. Our closests friends are in other countries, and we cling on to them using IM’s, emails etc.

We need to get out. Open up. Take more risks. Keep an open mind. Live through some undesirable things. After all, isn’t that life? Take some bad, but take in more good? Live life. Not run away from it.

Written by Null Bit

Sunday, August 24, 2008 at 1:15 pm

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