Null Bit Me

An anonymous null bit wanders… wanting to infect.


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A null bit wants to vent out his thoughts… looking for a chance to cause mayhem… waiting for someone to hit … So that he can hit back with an equal vengeance.

The question is when.

Null Bit lives/works/eats/sleeps/moans/rants/whines in India.

Null Bit is male.

Null Bit is aging fast and is in his late twenties thirties :-(. Whew, has it really been that long? 😦

Null Bit might be a little crazy.

Null Bit might never make sense.

Null Bit likes WordPress a lot!

It’ll be a long time before Null Bit can start writing coherent posts.


Written by Null Bit

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 5:20 am

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