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Why I wouldn’t pay taxes

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I wouldn’t pay my taxes if I did not have a reasonably secure job/career. Even if I was earning millions today but was reasonably sure that I wouldn’t be earning this much orr nothing at all soon.

I think one of the reasons why a lot of people in India do not pay taxes might be this. I expect quite a few shops in India to be earning a lot of money. But then you never know what’ll happen in a few years. The government might break down their shops to make roads. The locality might become less popular for residents. The residents in the locality might become old and younger people might not move in. Old people are not known to spend lots of money usually… and I am sure there will be a huge list of these.

I pay my taxes because I don’t have an option to evade. My company deducts my taxes before I get to see the other half 😦

So among the ways to encourage tax-compliance, one is to enforce it somehow (which gives short-term results, but how long can you do it in a country where the “organized” sector is a tiny bit) and another is to improve job quality and security.

There must be others, but this is what hit me just now. BAM… just like that 🙂 Now I’ll ruminate on it and evaluate how much truth is in it.


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Sunday, December 4, 2005 at 11:51 am

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One reason why trackbacks are better than commenting

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Just realised this when about to comment on someone’s site.

I leave my tracks at the guy’s place, IP address (using which maybe you could find out my country of residence etc.), how did I reach that site, what browser am I using etc. etc.

When I comment on my own personal website, such as, I might leave tracks that will be known only to the people behind but no one else.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 8:46 am

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Laszlomail reviewed

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But I wish “laszlomail” was easier to pronounce 🙂 I will never be able to give it out to anyone easily, unless of course Laszlomail makes it big and are very popular.

But otherwise, it is fast on my office LAN connection. Much faster than Yahoo! Mail, and about as fast as GMail. The interface looks good. Though I wish I could skin my page. And the “Demo” word alongside “Laszlo mail” looks worrysome 😦 Most people won’t like it I guess, it being Flash-based, which could be a problem on slower connections. Me, I usually block all Flash objects during browsing, so I know.

You get only 10MB disk space. It is actually a lot for me since I’m more into IM/Skype as compared to email.

One good thing about new services is that there is a chance that you will get a username that you want. (I got what I wanted :-D) After that you have to pray that they make it big! By the way, has anyone recently got his desired username on Yahoo!?

Coming to think about it, I wish there was a way or protocol to inform everyone about my email address change. Just like when your telephone number changes, a central authority tells you what the new number is. So when I delete my email address, I register at some online site and put up the information of my old and new email addresses. So when mails to my old account bounce back, the email client automatically looks up my new email address from the server and resends the mail at my new address. The sender could also be sent a automatic mail informing about the email address change. And then he/she could update their records. Hmm… nice idea. Now I wonder what are the holes in it…

BTW, I got the link from Scoble, whom I’ve finally started reading more or less regularly. I usually hate reading people who write too much because I can’t keep up but maybe him commenting on this blog helped 😛

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Monday, November 14, 2005 at 8:22 am

The Fat Lady is coming…

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Got this link from Digg: Paper view technology

Cheap, paper-thin TV screens that can be used in newspapers and magazines have been unveiled by German electronics giant Siemens.

And the first thought that crosses my mind: The Fat Lady is coming…

Seriously, I can record crazy antics and live forever in a portrait for my great grandchildren and beyond 😛

We could add voice recognition technology and video recognition technology to these paper thin displays for authentication. And we’ll have our own Fat Lady!

J. K. Rowling saw it coming?

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Sunday, October 16, 2005 at 1:09 pm

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The PuppetJacket idea

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I need to exercise. I’ve needed to exercise for a long long time. In fact, I am a chronic case of exercise-deficiency.

Lazy people never exercise. But they do have brainiacs 🙂 I dreamt up of the PuppetJacket sometime back. It’s a combination of a straitjacket with strings. I’ll just wear my PuppetJacket, switch on the power, and let the embedded microprocessor force me to exercise. And exercise me the correct way! 🙂 I should be able to choose from an array of exercise regimes, and it should not stop… unless I am about to die!

Eeks… I already hate the idea now 😛

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Sunday, October 16, 2005 at 11:37 am

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Google News, an automated

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Just had a wild thought. I wish I had time and the required intellect to analyse it thoroughly, but here goes.

I am an avid fan of I keep up-to-date(?) with all interesting news through this site. How it works is that people submit stories that interest them. And then other people “digg” it if they find it interesting. If enought people have “digg”ed it, it makes its way to the front page(s), where it would receive more “digg”s.

But isn’t Google News a similar thing? Except that Google does not need “diggers”. Using it’s spiders/crawlers, it keeps track of all stories being published. According to the site:

This is very much in the tradition of Google web search, which relies heavily on the collective judgment of online publishers to determine which sites offer the most valuable and relevant information. Similarly, Google News relies on the editorial judgment of online news organizations to determine which stories are most deserving of inclusion and prominence on the Google News home page.

Considering that Digg is a fairly recent phenomenon and Google News is quite old (inspite of the BETA tag), I’d say we stepped back in time!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 6:49 pm

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