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Test Post from Windows Live Writer

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How do you do?

How do you look like?

Will I keep you?


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Saturday, July 7, 2007 at 9:49 am

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Ok… another test post!
Scoble keep giving out interesting links… so this time it is Performancing for Firefox. This happens to be the FOURTH blog editor that I’ve tried. This is crazy :-D. But I guess it just shows how fickle-minded I am. And that blog editing softwares still have some way to go before I can settle down with someone.
Performancing is really nice. I don’t even have to move out of Firefox. It splits the browser into two panes (reminds me of ‘Ctrl-x 2’ in Emacs) and I am browsing in the upper pane and blogging in the lower one. I find it so easy to link to the various stuff that I like doing now. And, I don’t have to keep switching windows using the Alt-Tab keys.
Yep… I really like this. I can keep saving my drafts as Notes. Which is good, because my Firefox has been crashing quite often of late. I can set the categories. Blogging is almost anonymous. There’s just one [Publish To: Null Bit Me] button at the bottom which can give away my blog to people around me. Yep… I am paranoid. I hate people peeking. And this was one of the feedback mails that I sent to because I really wanted to blog without my blog name showing in big bold letters on the screen. The best thing that I liked about Zoundry i.e. the ability to store my previously used URL’s in my blog has been bettered now. Because I have ALL my links in the Firefox history!
This is seriously cool… Performancing is definetely Performance Enhancing!
And I love it 🙂
And now for the biggest test…. to publish, and see how it looks like on the actual site….

[UPDATE: Two problems noted.
a) The formatting like bold and italics disappeared after publishing.
b) The hyperlinks all open in the same window and I cannot control it. I like my links to open in a new window.]

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 1:44 pm

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Test Post using Qumana

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ok… where do these people come up with these names? 🙂 Do they have any meaning? Or they just keep saying gibberish until they say something that they like or rhymes with their name or something??!
This is a test post.
Wanted to see what this Qumana thing was like. After w.bloggar, Zoundry, this is the third blog editor that I am trying out.
And I think I’ve liked Zoundry the most. It seems to have been written by bloggers, instead of plain old software engineers 🙂 It has features that I use quite regularly, especially the used hyperlinks that it stores for me. However Qumana can add ads in your post! It’s not very useful to me, but that should be useful for some people who’re looking to make money from blogging.
But for your information, i never click on ads 😛

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 5:59 pm

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Test post using Zoundry

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This is a test post.

Just had to try out Zoundry that Scoble just linked to in one of his recent posts.

This is similar to w.bloggar, except that I notice that it integrates Technorati and other tags.

And somehow it worked much easily compared to w.bloggar.

More importantly, it worked! Whatever features I’ve tried has worked 🙂

Cool… it seems to have what I’ve always wanted! Creating links is so damn much easier 😀

Technorati :

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 1:52 pm

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Hello from Flock

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Hello and Thank you Flock 🙂 This is me trying to blog from Flock, like so many people have been trying already. I like it, perhaps because my favourite browser is Firefox, and there wasn’t too much of a learning curve anywayz.

So here I am about to click on the “Publish” button….


[Update: The category thing did not work. I had to edit the category of this post manually. Not saying that this is a bug yet. Maybe I did something wrong. But I like Flock. I hope more people flock to Flock :-D]

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Friday, October 21, 2005 at 8:26 am

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