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Why should my wife be a virgin?

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This post by Ideasmith that linked to further posts by other women suddenly made me want to understand why did men want to marry virgins. Let me try to think like different males of different ages and lets see what I can come up with:

  1. Damn, she’s done it before me 😦 I don’t want to marry her. I’ve lost the race. [This applies to a guy who’s not done it yet and is extremely competitive]
  2. Aw shucks… what if she starts comparing me to the other guys…. and I am not good enough 😦 [This applies to a guy with low self-esteem and would especially apply to a guy who’s never done it]
  3. What! She’s done it before. She’s got no morals. What if she does it with other men after marriage. I can’t marry her. [This applies a guy who doesn’t understand the power of love]
  4. If I meet one of her ex’s and he reminds me of their time together, I won’t be able to bear it. Wah! 😦 [This applies to insufferable romantics weak-hearted men some men]
  5. She must have become “big” down there. I’ll never be able to fill her and satisfy her. [You need to grow up kiddo]
  6. She loves to do it too much. What if she can never have enough? She’ll wear me out and still not be happy 😦 [Go out jogging every morning…]
  7. She might have STD’s. Why take a risk? [The ever cautious idiot]
  8. She might find me too small and make fun of me 😦

Ok… that is all I could think of. Please don’t beat me up. I just needed a break from work and something to get me to blog… and sex is usually a good topic to get out all that rust 🙂 All these came from all the discussions we had when we were in school and later.

Sometimes age is not enough to grow up.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 8:04 pm

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Prepaid Popcorn

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Buy movie tickets standing in the queue… done that.

Buy movie tickets online.. done that.

Buy movie tickets on the telephone… done that.

Run to buy snacks during the interval… done that.

Order snacks for the interval online along with buying the ticket… nopes. But there is hope. Check this out. An awesome idea.
Order snacks on the telephone during the interval… nopes… perhaps never! 🙂

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Saturday, May 6, 2006 at 10:16 am

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Truths about my policeman

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…no one, least of all a policeman, wants to die for the government of India.

[From Sagarika Ghose's blog on IBN Blogs]

Truth and nothing but the truth. I need to remember this at all times. The policeman never has to die for the country. The army, yes. The navy, yes. But the police, never.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 12:14 pm

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ICICI pains

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Adding to Sushubh's rant about ICICI, this is what I get to see today:

ICICI login problem screenshot

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Thursday, April 6, 2006 at 11:29 am

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Nandini asks. I answer.

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It appears that Nandini's "creative writing juices" can have an adverse effect on me 🙂 Some time back, Nandini had this bizarre idea to interact with her regular blog readers. Damn. Why can't I just be a passive blog reader, commenting nonsensically once in a while?

I have a theory too about this sudden excessive flow of these creative writing juices…. tax returns, as she's recently indicated. Reminds me of those days just before my exams when I would have these bizarre ideas like collating a list of movie names to play Dumb Charade with. That involved me looking at the movie page of the last few months of newspapers and noting down each movie name I could find! That would also be the time when I'd have this sudden urge to fix various non-working household appliances like the tape-recorder. Or when I'd start tracing the path of ants and destroying their homes, and in the process making holes in the walls!! No wonder when Nandini has to do her taxes… she gets this great idea to make her blog interactive 😮

Anywayz… the way it stand now is that after I asked Nandini some questions (that she's answered), it's now my turn to answer some of her questions.

Nandini wants to know my "autistic" symptoms. Actually, I'd prefer to not be an adult at all rather than be autistic 😛 Looking back at the test questions and the definitions of "autistic", I think the following would perhaps be the most prominent symptoms:

  1. love to be alone
  2. not too many friends (by choice; with too more friends, item 1 gets affected)
  3. love the unreal world that requires lots of imagination. (Harry Potter, Nethack)
  4. very uncommon interests… gets a little difficult to form groups (So who's going to team up with me to kill all those ants?)
  5. short attention span

Hmmm… maybe there are more. But I think this is enough. I might be autistic, but I wouldn't be too proud of it…

As an aside, check out Urville. Gilles Trehin, who is supposedly autistic, has been drawing an imaginary city named Urville since the last 23 years. He not only had drawn various places in Urville, but also has written about it's history, geography, cultures and economy! If I had to compare to him, I'm pretty certain I'm not autistic!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at 6:53 pm

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Null Bit Me English

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As I have said before, these guys at the helm of actually listen 🙂

They’ve introduced setting the primary language of blogs. YESSSSSSSSSS… remember, I am the guy who cried out here about not understanding non-English blogs and these blogs hampering my search for new interesting blogs from the “Latest Posts” section. Also I might have used the Feedback button for this too. So this is just superb, absolutely fantastic. I hope they soon start using the data to classify the blogs in a useful manner.

However, unfortunately the Language drop-down box isn’t working for me at this time. That is, there are no languages to choose from! I am hoping that this is a temporary glitch that they’ll correct soon.

Also, I think the Language option should perhaps been associated per author under “Authors & Users”. Just for a variety of reasons such as users writing on multiple blogs etc…. but then I won’t complain. I love what these people are doing 🙂

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Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 3:59 pm

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Let me C

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A heavyweight echoes my thoughts 🙂 [And in case you don’t read Joel and are into software, you really should].

If I had written about it, no one would have read and pondered about it. But when Joel does it, I am sure there will be thousands who would think about it.

I got lucky some months back when I started taking interviews for my team. That experience taught me a lot of things but one thing stands out the most. Because of my expertise or field of work, I tended to get quite a few resumes that usually had “Java” written on them. And this taught me:

a) I did not know any Java.
b) I did not understand Java.
c) People who knew Java and nothing else did not understand me at all! (God… this made asking them questions such a pain)
d) People who knew Java would usually not know anything else at all. They did not understand linked lists, pointers, data structures… nothing.
e) Given a problem, all Java people want to start writing Java code. They hated explaining the logic or the design behind the solution, because they could not.

Joel is against using OOP as a teaching aid too. And I agree. There is just too much C code in this world to be able to escape from it (some can, but not all). And learning OOP and languages that facilitate this kind of programming (such as C++, Java etc.) will make you very frustrated when you have to look at C code. And when you code in C, you will never be able to figure out compilation errors, because there’s a lot of things that is an error in C, but not in C++. I’ve seen people gazing at C code unable to debug or figure out compilation problems because all they’ve learnt is C++ in college!

I was among the lucky ones who was not taught C++/Java as his first programming language. My teachers stuck to C and functional programming. Not that I appreciated it then or understood it properly. And I regret it now. I’m still better off than a lot of people though.

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Friday, December 30, 2005 at 3:28 pm

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